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Four Brands of Taiyo Yushi

 * PAX means peace in Latin. It is a trademark of Taiyo Yushi.


PAX SeriesThe series is made mostly from highly cleansing palm oil.
Most of the products are fragrance-free and the shampoo is faintly scented with citrus.

Skincare soap and hair care, dental care, laundry, housekeeping and kitchen products


PAX Naturon SeriesThese are products of vegetable origin. The main ingredients are sunflower, jojoba, palm and rice oils mixed with natural vitamin E and herb extract.
The series boasts a wide product range including skin care and housekeeping products and pet supplies.

Skincare and body soap, hair, dental and skin care products, laundry, housekeeping and kitchen products and pet supplies


PAX Olie SeriesThe series uses olive oil and olive squalene. More than 70% of olive oil content is oleic acid, which easily spreads over the skin. They are mild and suitable for application to sensitive skin.

Body soap, bath additive and skin care products


PAX Baby Series"Wishing that all babies will grow up healthy like young leaves"
With this hope in mind, the series is produced from ingredients kind to the skin.
Macadamia nut oil includes plenty of palmitoleic acid, which is also included in the oil on baby's skin. PAX Baby contains this oil and all items are fragrance and color-free. It is a series designed to be kind to the skin.

Skincare and body soap and skin care products

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