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Taiyo Yushi produces soap from a variety of fresh edible oils and fats without high temperature or pressure. This means that it dissolves soon after use and does not contaminate rivers, lakes or oceans. For this reason, it has been loved by many consumers. Based on this soap, the company manufactures such products as laundry soap, liquid soap, shampoo and toothpaste without using synthetic additives. We provide families with safe products that can be used every day without worry.

 Protecting Nature

Almost everything around us is a product of nature. To be thankful for what nature has given us, we want to return it after use in a form that exerts less influence on nature. Our soap dissolves by the time it reaches a river or the sea thanks to the purification effect of the natural world.

Taiyo Yushi does not conduct experiments on animals. As long as we continue to use ingredients that have been used for a long time and the safety of which has been confirmed, we do not need to conduct animal experiments. From the perspective of protecting nature, yourself and your family, we propose that you use soap that is safe for what you eat or touch.

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